GST Returns

Easily file all three monthly returns plus the annual return at the lowest price in India.

  • Information Collection

    Our agents will set up a seamless process for data collection.

  • Return Preparation

    Your return will be prepared as required

  • Return Filing

    Before you know it, your return will be ready for filing.

What is a GST Return ?

A GST Return is a document that is required to be filed as per the law with the tax authorities. Under the GST law, a taxpayer has to submit three returns on a monthly basis and one such return annually. All returns have to be filed online. Please note that there is no provision for revising the returns. All invoices of the previous tax period that went unreported must be included in the current month.

Schedule for Return Filing


Contains details of the outward supplies; has to be filed by 10th of every month.


Contains details of inward supplies; due by the 15th of each month.


This is the monthly return and is due by the 20th of every month. In addition to the monthly and quarterly returns, there is an annual return that needs to be filed by December 31. A requisite GST reconciliation statement has to be duly filed by the appointed chartered accountant.

GST Returns Process


We will collect all the necessary information and documents to prepare your returns. Once done the first time, our affiliate will then ensure that you are always reminded of the filing date so you don't end up paying penalties.


We will give you the opportunity to review the filing. One you approve it, we will file the returns online. Upon successful completion of the process, we will mail the acknowledgment form to your registered email address.